Aiden O’Toole - #26

Aiden O'Toole Headshot.jpg

Shoots: Right
Position: Offence
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 210lbs
Birthdate: May 4th, 2002
Hometown: Aurora
School: G.W. Williams Secondary School
Number of Years Playing Lacrosse: 7
Minor Organization: Newmarket Redbirds
Previous Team(s): Newmarket Redbirds
Favourite Part of Playing Lacrosse? Hitting
Your Role Model Growing up? My Dad
Favourite Athlete?
Goals/Plans for School/After School? Become CEO of a Sports Company
Pre-Game Meal?
Pre-Game Ritual?
Pre-Game Song/Artist?
Favourite Snack?
Favourite TV Show (Netflix, HBO etc.)? The Office
Favourite Lacrosse Memory? First Jr B Goal
Biggest Pet Peeve? Loud Chewing

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Aiden O'Toole Game 2.JPG
Aiden O'Toole Game 4.JPG