Luca Romano - #8


Shoots: Right
Position: Offence
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175
Birthdate: May 25, 2000
Hometown: Newmarket
School: Brock University
Number of Years Playing Lacrosse: 12
Minor Organization: Newmarket Redbirds
Previous Team(s): Newmarket Redbirds and Everest Academy Eagles
Favourite Part of Playing Lacrosse? Scoring Goals
Your Role Model Growing up? My Dad
Favourite Athlete? Connor McGregor
Goals/Plans for School/After School? NLL and Own a Gym
Pre-Game Meal? Meat Sauce Pasta or Pasta and Meatballs
Pre-Game Ritual? Shooting in my Basement
Pre-Game Song/Artist? Murder on My Mind – YNW Melly
Favourite Snack? Plain Rice Cakes and Peanut Butter
Favourite TV Show (Netflix, HBO etc.)? Peaky Blinders
Favourite Lacrosse Memory? My first Junior Lacrosse Game
Biggest Pet Peeve? Forgetting Headphones at The Gym

Luca Romano Game Photo 2.JPG
Luca Romano Game 4.JPG